About me

Mark and I have been married since May 2002 and live in Sutton in South London, near to where Mark used to work. Mark has a page of wedding photos if you're interested. As of March 2009, we have a small daughter called Caitlin and, more recently in May 2013, an even smaller one called Kesia. Neither have their own webpage... yet!

I'm a Christian and go to St. Patrick's Church in Wallington. Mark and I are involved in the music - I play piano every now and again - and I lead a group for 8-11 year olds at the Sunday afternoon service. And we try to go to the Keswick Convention each year with some friends (it's a good opportunity to catch up and take stock).

I love dancing and have done since I started classes when I was tiny. I've danced in Oxford University Dance Company and now dance with the Doris Holford Stage School and Grayes School of Dance. I like to watch Rambert Dance Company and Siobhan Davies Dance Company perform - mostly contemporary style with strong technique behind them - but have recently enjoyed introducing Caitlin to more traditional ballets.

Just ever so occasionally I get a chance to be creative; I like to make order out of chaos or useful things out of junk. I don't really have an artistic eye in the traditional sense so it's normally things like glass-decorating, jewelery-making, clothes-altering and card-making. My love of reusing and recycling things also makes charity shopping a mild obsession...!

If you want to contact me (personally rather than at work), you can send e-mail to sarah@minifish.net